You Don’t Need a Meal Plan, You Need a System

Can you actually count the number of new diets or approaches you’ve tried over the years to get in shape? I know I lost count an Insanity long Atkins Diet time ago. No matter how easy or foolproof a plan is made to seem, sooner or later the time bomb ticks its last tick and we resume the search for the next thing that will (fingers crossed) finally get us there.

The problem isn’t you. The problem is that there has been too much being asked of you. Know thyself. Are you really going to put yourself through a grueling workout 6 days a week, every week, like, forever? And that’s it? You’re done meeting up with your friends for happy hour? Blasphemy! This standard approach hasn’t worked yet nor will it ever. Seriously, scientific evidence overwhelmingly shows that nearly everyone who’s embarked on a diet will backslide to, or close to, their starting point. Not only is the physical progress lost but the mental torment is debilitating. This is the aftermath of the standard, meal plan-based approach.

But wait. I think you’re reading this because deep down you’re holding tight to a dream. A beautiful dream. A dream where you can pick what kind of workout you do and how often you do it, if you do it at all. A dream where all of your favorite foods are graciously laid out on the table. If I’m reading your mind, you’ve held on just long enough to step through the looking glass.

A system exists that allows for all you’ve wished for and more. A system built to allow you to tap into your inner zen and bend and flow with any situation like a blade of seagrass. A system with a small handful of simple guidelines. Don’t change what you eat, just shift when you eat it. Don’t even worry about diving into an irrationally intense workout routine, just follow the guidelines on how to maximize what you’re probably already doing. “It sounds too good to be true (He’s in my head again.)”

It is real. This system has changed my life in ways far beyond the physical. It will do the same for you if only you’ll keep an open mind. It has been my life’s mission to figure out how to get into better shape while training less. To figure out how to keep pasta in the pantry and wine on the table and perennially maintain my best shape to date. Imagine taking back total control of your health. Imagine not worrying about what you eat or feeling guilty about missing a workout. Imagine regaining the energy and enjoyment that are rightfully yours.

The system we’ve built to bring this to you is MNML Health, the best of what intermittent fasting has to offer combined with the minimal effective dose for any type of training. There are no meal plans. Though we do workout, there are no mandatory routines. YOU get to choose what you eat. YOU get to choose how to move. The principles we teach are built to fit to your life, not the other way around.

Whether you ever work with us, buy anything from us or not, it is our purpose to bring you an insane amount of value. Value that you’re able to turn into massive, tangible change in your own life. Change that positively affects your relationships with family and friends, your career and the inner dialogue you have with yourself. Where the body goes, the mind follows and everything changes. It has been my privilege to watch the frustration disappear and life explode with clients over the years. You deserve the same.

Remember, it was the plan that failed in the past, not us. Rigidity and will power eventually snaps. Flexibility and peace of mind can bend to fit any situation. Here you’ll find all the tools you need to design your life (because without health what is life?) as you see fit. You are the author, you are in complete control. Welcome to MNML Health. Let us know how we can help.

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