How to Use Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss: Step by Step

I love intermittent fasting for many reasons but the ease of social sustainability is by far my favorite. That is a high level way of saying I can have drinks and eat what I want and stay lean or better yet, get leaner. There is no other fat loss system on Earth that will actually tell you, “Go, friend. Go enjoy drinks and good dinners with your loved ones and do so often.”

Though fat loss does come down to calories in vs. calories out, I’m not going to waste your time by telling you to “just eat lightly at lunch leading up to your big night.” Yes, I’d recommend you have a low calorie, protein packed, moderate fat lunch (Cobb salad, light bacon, vinaigrette, for example) but the design is more sophisticated than that.

Fat loss happens over time. Instead of understanding fat loss as something occurring daily, let’s zoom out and understand that fat loss happens over the course of a month (or months or years.) Say your daily caloric limit is 2,000 calories. That figure puts your monthly caloric limit at 60,000 calories (30 days x 2,000 calories.) As long as you come in sub 60,000 calories by day 30, you’ll be leaner on day 30 than you were on day 1.

“But what does it all meeeeean, Basil?” (Austin Powers, anyone?) This means that as long as your daily caloric average over the month is sub 2,000, you’re on the road to fat loss. If you know Friday night is going to be a 4,000 calorie beer bomb, you can work on creating lower calorie days leading up to or following your big night.

With these numbers, precisely four 1,500 calorie days would do the trick. There are myriad different ways to set it up but the takeaway point is this - as long as you understand your numbers (your caloric limit, how many calories you’re consuming, how much protein you’re consuming) and have a strategy for hitting said numbers, you can do whatever you want while feeling and looking the best you ever have.

The most important piece of the sustainability puzzle is peace of mind. Diets are stressful which is the majority of the reason why they never stick. If you’re enjoying the process, guilt-free, you’re not dieting but putting science and numbers to work and completely redesigning your life.

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