Wow! You’re So Toned!


An at-home (or anywhere) guide for women’s permanent fat loss.

Workout as often as you’d like. No foods or drinks are off limits. If what you’ve tried in the past for fat loss hasn’t worked, you’ve reached your final destination. This is a total body program that can be performed at home, outdoors or in a gym for maximum convenience. No matter how busy your life is, this guide is built to fit into YOUR life, not the other way around.

<em>For those who: want to drop 10-100lbs, feel incredible and constantly answer the question “You’re so toned, what are DOING!?”</em>

<em>Fitness Level Required to Start: All levels</em>


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An at-home (or anywhere) guide for women’s permanent fat loss.


As you read through, bear in mind that this is almost 2 decades worth of
information! Don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t digest everything in the first run
through. The program is yours to keep so continue to read through it and fire away
with any questions you have at any time on our Facebook page (just click the link) and I’ll get
them answered.

This program is broken down into 3 sections.

• Learn – This section will be different from any other program you may have tried so far. I don’t
want to simply send along another generic workout and eating program and wish you the
best. I want you to understand the principles, the building blocks of nutrition and training
so well that you’re able to share it with other people. It may seem like a lot to read but your
health is worth it. I won’t go too far down the scientific rabbit hole but I do want to take
everything I’ve learned, everything that has worked with clients just like you over the years and
give it to you. It’s essentially your master class on permanent fat loss.

• Nutrition – Here we’re going to get exact on your food choices, scheduling your day, how to
navigate happy hours, how to make sure you’re getting enough of the right foods and healthy
shortcuts to make the whole thing a breeze.

• Train – In the final section, we get to work on laying out your workouts.
Whether performing them at home or in the gym, we’re going to
cover what to do and how to do it. No day will be left unturned
and we’ll make sure to fit it all to your schedule.

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